Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spring Lambs

Well, I am traveling North driving from Florida to Ohio and my husband, Jeff, is at home with a very sick ewe.  Elizabeth dropped that beautiful black lamb, fondly referred to as "trouble" with no problem.  However, Bethany, is not quite so lucky.  She must have twins in the oven and apparently they are too much for her body.  She has developed Toxemia and is quite ill.  The vet was out on Wed the 21st and gave her an injection to induce labor.  We have been force feeding the poor girl and she has perked up a bit, but she is still too quiet and weak.  We are doing everything we can to save her and her lambs.  I am anxious to get north and be home with Bethany and do what I can to help.

Jeff is even creating a "grass cocktail" three times a day and feeding it to Bethany along with her other meds. This grass cocktail involves blending grass and water in the blender, straining out the grass and adding yogurt and other nutrients and they using a syringe to feed it to Bethany.

Bethany is a great ewe and very strong willed and Shetlands are a hardy breed, so if you are reading this please say a little prayer for Bethany and her ewes and stayed tuned to see pictures. . yes, I am optimistic that I will have happy pictures to post.

Check back for any update :)

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