Sunday, March 18, 2012

Misc productive week and weekend!

Wow, It's like early summer outside. .. who would have thought I'd be mowing on March 17th? Oh my!

We decided to work on a brush clearing project that I started last fall, seemed like a good time to do it.  Here is a picture of what we cleared.  More lawn to mow, but boy does it look nice.  Oh yeah, and we pulled the paddle boat out of the weeds. . .maybe it can get fixed up for summer?   The question is, summer what year? Ha!

Wow!  What a little work horse mower. 
Probably 5 years since it was used, and it kick right off on the 2nd pull! 
Thanks Mom!
We burned two big piles of wood and brush.  Now to keep up mowing this area with the rest of the lawn.

We made some progress on the studio last weekend, on Sunday.  We have a door frame:

It's a slow process, but we'll keep plugging away at it bit, by bit.  The door is here, in the diningroom, waiting to be stained.

Fiber Dyeing . .. ..

I spent last weekend and every night last week washing and dyeing wool so I will have some new inventory for Bowling Green Market day next Saturday.

Today has been spent in the sheep barn.  The two rams were fixed and they are fairly slow to wake up from the procedure.  So, I sheared them while they were asleep and just have to keep checking on them.

Tomorrow night - Lorie and I will make a trip to the Mill to get the wool run, then I'll have a couple nights to bag the wool for sale.

Have a good week!