Holiday Open House, Dec. 15, 2012

Holiday Open House -
December 15, 2012,
10am to 4pm

It's that time of year, the time when we turn the house into a shop, bring in all the wonderful, wooly merchandise, create some great cookies and Hot Chocolate, relax and invite the public for a day of shopping and enjoying the farm.

The Llamas, Alpacas and Sheep have grown beautiful fleeces and we have spun them into yarn, dyed some of them, sprinkled some with glitter and made them into wonderful gifts.

Support your local fiber farm and artists - all the items are homegrown and handmade.  All proceeds will contribute to the "hay fund" at our farm and other local fiber farms.  Shop Small Business and Shop Local!

Annie is looking for visitors!

Snowflake is waiting to meet you!

 There will be spinning, weaving and knitting demos going on throughout the day. 

You can venture to the barn to meet the llamas, alpacas and sheep.  If you are able, a real adventure will be to the basement where my studio is under contruction. 

Studio shot

Visit the studio, it looks a lot different than it did in this picture. It's coming along nicely.

Sample of items for sale.
We will have items from other local artists on sale in our shop for the day!

Come for a visit!

Holiday Open House

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