Saturday, September 22, 2012

Beautiful, Overcast Fall Day!

Okay, so it seems very odd to think an overcast, chilly day as a beautiful day . .. . .to me, right now, it is! 

I have spent the last two weeks fitting way too much in my work, home and farm schedule!  I have been on the road and gone over night a couple times and working from a different banking center everyday . . .kind of forget what my own office looks like . .. .so this is a perfect day for me.  I have three pairs of mittens to have knit by the 28th of the month . . .I have 1 1/2 pairs done . .so, woo hoo - I'm 50% done!  I'll be spending the day alternating between working inside and knitting . .. the working inside will be the "time out" from the knitting . . .as I will be "power knitting"

As I walked around the farm this morning, I took some pictures to share .. .  .. enjoy!

The morning glorys don't seem to mind the overcast weather.

Now the Geraniums bloom!  The summer was too HOT for them.

The "little chicks" - they should be laying eggs next month, then soon they will be out with the "big" girls.

The "big" girls enjoying some scratch grains

Some of the big girls, getting their work done.

Included in my 10+ days of craziness. . .. I spent two days in Columbus at a Security Seminar, Including and overnight and great visit with my friend Sheila,Two days in Bowling Green at the Black Swamp Arts Festival, Two days in Yellow Springs at the Wool Gathering fiber show - which included a great visit with my friend Deb and it included a fun trip to MI with Mom, Aunt Skip and Aunt Mar for a great day of visiting, including AWESOME lunch at the home of my cousin Jim and his wonderful wife, Mary. (How about sending me the chicken salad and lemon muffin recipes?)

And, it ended with a farm tour for a great group of people from a church in Montpelier where I spoke last winter.  With the farm tour, comes a weaving and spinning demo - this cute little loom is what I used for the weaving demo - donated to our farm by a school teacher in Defiance.

Have a wonderful weekend - enjoy the chilly weather!