Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Great Sheep Adventure….x2

My friend Debbie and I took another trip down to Southern Ohio to pick up a new sheep and her munchkin to add to the family. Shadow (affectionately known as Trouble) really needed a friend and we decided to add to our family with a sheep and ram lamb that was close in age to Trouble. However, we’re not sure if we should have called the new lamb Double to indicate what we were getting ourselves into.

The trip, for the most part went without a hitch. It was an overcast and rainy trip but we made it there and back with no problems. The animals at the farm were out enjoying the day, which is obvious in the pictures below. The most interesting topic of the day was getting the new sheep out of the truck. We had devised all sorts of scenarios on the way home, as momma sheep wasn’t real thrilled with getting into the truck. Once home, we backed the truck partially into the pasture, haltered the sheep, bear hugged the baby and herded them into the pasture…..okay, there was a few interesting moments in between the truck and the pasture….but the end of the story is they got into the pasture…: )

Looking up towards the house from the road. She has beautiful pastures. When we were here a few months back, everything was blanketed in snow and you could see the paths of the animals.

One of the many farm animals.

The chickens are adorable. Beautiful black and white colored as well as the rainbow assortment seen at farms.
She has the most beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs.
The house used to be an Inn for travelers.

Getting ready to head home.

The new additions.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Farm Population Increase

The internet group - Free Cycle - really is a great place to find things and give things away.  I received an email from a friend that someone had some Angora rabbits to give away. . .. .so . .. .. being a fiber-a-holic - I responded to the email.  .. and made plans to meet the bunnies that were looking for a new home.

I went with the intention of only bringing home two bunnies. .. so the fact that I brought home "just" three is quite an accomplishment for me!  The little boy, who is the extra, is just so cute . .. I could not leave him behind.  The bunnies come from a very good home and I am sure they were perfectly happy - but that farm needed a herd reduction. . .so our herd increased. ... is that what you call a bunch of bunnies??? I don't know. .. geese are a flock, sheep are a flock, llamas and alpacas travel as a herd. . .what is a group of bunnies. .. . Happy at our house - for sure. .. not positive of what they would be called.  Rambling now, so I am just tired. .. here's the fun part  - the pictures of Elizabeth (gray), Nigel (bottom) and Llillie (right).

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fiber Dyeing Extravaganza

The sun is shining, it's a GREAT day and we are planning a Fiber Dyeing Extravaganza.  Please click on the link to the left for detailed information.  I have also included a link to a sign up form on that page and below.

June 12, 2010 FDE Flyer

We will spend the day dyeing fiber.  4 oz of yarn is provided for you to split between the three dyeing techniques.  If you would rather have 4 oz for each technique, wool yarn is avalable at a low cost or Alpaca yarn is available for a bit more.  You are also welcome to bring a couple 4 oz lots of yarn to use.

The Fiber Dyeing Extravaganza days are a fun day.  You get to spend time with your friends, meet new friends and dye yarn.  The Fiber Dyeing Extravaganza workshop is also available as a traveling workshop.  I will bring all the equipment and supplies to your farm and put on a workshop for you.  The only thing you supply is participants, water and a stove to bake some yarn.  It's quite simple, easy to promote and a great way to have a fun, memorable event at your farm.

Okay, back to the Extravaganza we are planning for June 12 here in Defiance at our farm.  As usual, three techniques will be provided for the fee.  We also have a couple of other techniques available that include materials - Sun Dyeing and One Pot dyeing - just a $5 fee for each.  We will also have a hobo stew going on a campfire.  You can participate in the hobo stew or bring your own lunch. 

Water and shade are provided.  Wear comfy clothes, bring your wheel or your latest projects as there is usually a bit of down time as we wait for the dye to set.  Our store will also be available during the day.

Join the Fun, sign up today!

Salomon Farm Fiber Show

We've just completed our third fiber show for the season!  Salomon Farm Park Fiber Show in Fort Wayne, IN was really fun, as long as you didn't mind rain and wind.  Seems like this show is always accompanied by icky weather.  It did not stop the Friday field trips for the local school kids and Saturday, although cold and windy, turned out to be a great day.

Mom accompanied me to the show on Saturday and expanded her fiber knowledge.  We had a vendor next to us spinning on her drop spindle all day - quite mesmerizing!  Hillary from Hippie Penquin Fibers did a great job.  Hey - we even bought a learn to spin kit from her :)  Cute little spindle and some fiber.

Our next show will be the Great Lakes Fiber show in Wooster, OH over Memorial Day weekend.  A great show with tons of vendors if you are looking for a fun show.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mixed news from the Farm

Sad news from the farm is that our second pregnant sheep Bethany and her children did not make it through the pregnancy despite the much appreciated help from Dr. French, friends and neighbors all looking after her. And while we thought perhaps about waiting to add to the farm, we have decided to help keep Shadow, otherwise known as Trouble, out of trouble and add a momma sheep and her new ram, which happens to be the same age as Trouble. Hopefully this will allow his mother some much needed “me” time while the kids are playing.

The new additions should be making their way to the farm soon and I’ll be sure to post pictures from the Adventure.

Other news includes the addition of some smaller animals – Turkeys and ducks. No, not the wild kind. We decided to add to our eclectic band of animals with some two footed creatures to help “mow” our grass and eat our bugs. They have just made their grand appearance on the lawn and we expect they will be as entertaining as the other animals.

Finally, show season is upon us. I will be making the rounds to the local and not-so-local craft shows throughout Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. I’ll keep you updated on my show schedule with a quick plug for this weekend’s show (May 7-8) at Salomon Farms in Fort Wayne, Ind.