Monday, August 9, 2010

Farm Harvest

One day harvest
Our garden might be small, but it sure has been mighty!  We have been harvesting yellow squash, zucchini and Sun Sugar tomatoes for over a month now!  The heat and lack of rain did some of it in, but the green beans, the winter squash and the tomatoes are still going strong.  Each week, we continue to sell about a dozen bags of cherry tomatoes at the farm market in Stryker - it's three hours out of the week that I can just sit and chat and not feel like I need to hurry to get something done.

So far, we have frozen green beans, made Salsa, Pasta sauce and Chili base.  We also got a bushel of corn while we were in MI and froze that.  So far, it looks like our winter table will be filled with the taste of Summer!  We've also supplied many neighbors and friends with lots of produce.

Tomorrow is the Black Swamp Spinner's Guild Natural Dye Day - we'll be outside in the heat - but it should prove to be fun and educational.  Natural fiber dyeing is definately much more precise than the way that I dye yarn. . .you know, when I dye yarn . . yup - got hot water, pour in some dye, add a glug of vinegar and put in some yarn . . .. and wait.  Lots more planning goes into Natural dyeing - more on my next post.