Monday, January 31, 2011

WEAVING ! ! !!

OMG ! ! !  Now that I have this "new to me" rug loom warped and I started weaving a set of placemats and a table runner. .. .OMG! how I have missed weaving!  Typically, I weave very fine thread items on my 22" harrisville.  The Harrisville loom is half warped with some chenille scarves.  Although, I don't think I will become a full time rug weaver.  . . .the instant gratification is awesome!  The rag strips weave up very quickly.  Below is about 5 minutes worth of weaving!

The table runner and placemats will be about 16" wide finished.  Have not decided the length of the table runner yet.  I would anticipate, however, being completely done weaving the entire set by the end of the evening Wednesday.  I'd weave it all today, except I need to clean the barn before our "big" storm and we're having company for dinner.

From one happy, happy weaver .. . .have a great day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winding Creek Fiber Farm: Fiber Farm To do list . .. .

Winding Creek Fiber Farm: Fiber Farm To do list . .. .: "I really should feel fortunate that my 'to do' list involves so many relaxing fun items. .. spinning, weaving, knitting, tending animals. . ..."

Fiber Farm To do list . .. .

I really should feel fortunate that my "to do" list involves so many relaxing fun items. .. spinning, weaving, knitting, tending animals. . .. all very relaxing things. .. . .until I try to do too many at one time.  .. as I am known for doing.

I have finally, finally finished the "Buster Brown" yarn.  It took me 2  1/2 weekends and lots of hours. .. .one ply was very tedious. .. .but  I AM DONE! !  ! and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It has been washed and is drying, it will be weighted, counted, priced and labeled. . .. and then out for sale.  Roxy gets first dibs . . .as she has a shawl already started in this yarn . . and then the rest will be sold either via email, etsy, artfire or the vendor booth.

As you can see, Bruiser was so stressed by this project:

Last week, I had on my to do list . . .finishing warping the rug loom . .. that is where I am headed next. .. .here is a picture of the progress.

I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are having a wonderful weekend.  I've extended my weekend by a day . . so still have two days left after today. . . hopefully, posting a finished table runner by the end of Monday.

Happy Weaving!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fibery Weekend

It has been a very, very cold weekend here in NW Ohio, so I spent most of my time inside trying to finish some projects ..  .of course . .. thought I could do more, but here is what I finished.  Lots, and lots of Buster Brown Autumn Leaves yarn and I embelished 4 hats.

Now for some hats . .. .

It's been a long weekend but I am happy to have so much done.  This week I should finish the rest of Buster and the last hat.  I'll post pics when I am done with the last hat - it is a natural Brown Llama with a blue band embellished with Daiseys.

Happy Spinning, Weaving and Knitting this week. .. talk to you soon!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brrrrr. . . . . . .

Geez!  It looks like it is going to be a really cold day and weekend according to the weather this morning!  I was hoping to get some stuff done around the barn this weekend . ...that might not happen.  I do have a couple projects on my "todo" list this weekend . .. .I am hoping to finish spinning buster for Roxy. ..I have 4 bobbins of buster with"junk" spun and two plain buster bobbins spun . ..tonight should be a good night to ply ..  .I should end up with 8 - 10 skeins of yarn. Once they are done, I will wash them and when they are dry I will pass them on to Mom to count yardage, weight, price and label.

My next project for the weekend is to trim and embellish the 5 felted hats that Mom, Jean and I have knitted recently. . .well one came out more like a bowl (one of mine). .. oh well.  I am working on knitting the roses for a couple of the hats and then I will be ready to embellish them and post them on line and then take them down to Rebecca at S Type Creative here in Defiance.

My third project involves heading down to the basement, to my weaving studio "wanna be" area . .. .to use my "new to me" rug loom .. . . .I have it about half warped . ..the loom, not me, . . .anyway ..  .I have to bring the warp through the heddles, through the reed and then tie on the front beam ...then I am ready to try to weave on the rug loom.. . .I have a rag table runner warped on it right how as a test.. . .once I get it figured out . .. we will move on to denim rugs . .. .Yeah! ! ! ! ! !

I'll post some progess pictures over the weekend :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wow! 2011 . .. .is here already!

Let's get serious about this blogging stuff . .. . there are so many fun little things that happen on the farm - I'll try to share more often.

This has been a good weekend on the farm.  I spend some time in the barn yesterday grooming Nigel - one of our rescue bunnies - he was a bit matted . .. even though the temp was cold. . .I stayed warm working with him at the grooming table in the corner of the barn with a cup of hot chai tea . ..

Started today with warm homemade blueberry muffins and hot chai tea. .. .seems the theme of the weekend is hot chai tea . .you'd think it's cold outside!

The crazy chickens were out in the snow today . . .you would think they would not like the snow and usually they do not. . ..but they seemed to be having a blast.

I did get some spinning done. . I am spinning "Autumn Leaves" for my friend Roxy.  She is working on a shawl.  The rovings is 100% alpaca - Buster Brown and some threads thrown in for color.  Here is a picture of Bruiser "helping me" spin . ..and a picture of buster.

Happy Spinning!

 Bruiser                                                                                                              Buster