Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wow! 2011 . .. .is here already!

Let's get serious about this blogging stuff . .. . there are so many fun little things that happen on the farm - I'll try to share more often.

This has been a good weekend on the farm.  I spend some time in the barn yesterday grooming Nigel - one of our rescue bunnies - he was a bit matted . .. even though the temp was cold. . .I stayed warm working with him at the grooming table in the corner of the barn with a cup of hot chai tea . ..

Started today with warm homemade blueberry muffins and hot chai tea. .. .seems the theme of the weekend is hot chai tea . .you'd think it's cold outside!

The crazy chickens were out in the snow today . . .you would think they would not like the snow and usually they do not. . ..but they seemed to be having a blast.

I did get some spinning done. . I am spinning "Autumn Leaves" for my friend Roxy.  She is working on a shawl.  The rovings is 100% alpaca - Buster Brown and some threads thrown in for color.  Here is a picture of Bruiser "helping me" spin . ..and a picture of buster.

Happy Spinning!

 Bruiser                                                                                                              Buster

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