Friday, January 21, 2011

Brrrrr. . . . . . .

Geez!  It looks like it is going to be a really cold day and weekend according to the weather this morning!  I was hoping to get some stuff done around the barn this weekend . ...that might not happen.  I do have a couple projects on my "todo" list this weekend . .. .I am hoping to finish spinning buster for Roxy. ..I have 4 bobbins of buster with"junk" spun and two plain buster bobbins spun . ..tonight should be a good night to ply ..  .I should end up with 8 - 10 skeins of yarn. Once they are done, I will wash them and when they are dry I will pass them on to Mom to count yardage, weight, price and label.

My next project for the weekend is to trim and embellish the 5 felted hats that Mom, Jean and I have knitted recently. . .well one came out more like a bowl (one of mine). .. oh well.  I am working on knitting the roses for a couple of the hats and then I will be ready to embellish them and post them on line and then take them down to Rebecca at S Type Creative here in Defiance.

My third project involves heading down to the basement, to my weaving studio "wanna be" area . .. .to use my "new to me" rug loom .. . . .I have it about half warped . ..the loom, not me, . . .anyway ..  .I have to bring the warp through the heddles, through the reed and then tie on the front beam ...then I am ready to try to weave on the rug loom.. . .I have a rag table runner warped on it right how as a test.. . .once I get it figured out . .. we will move on to denim rugs . .. .Yeah! ! ! ! ! !

I'll post some progess pictures over the weekend :)

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