Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fiber Farm To do list . .. .

I really should feel fortunate that my "to do" list involves so many relaxing fun items. .. spinning, weaving, knitting, tending animals. . .. all very relaxing things. .. . .until I try to do too many at one time.  .. as I am known for doing.

I have finally, finally finished the "Buster Brown" yarn.  It took me 2  1/2 weekends and lots of hours. .. .one ply was very tedious. .. .but  I AM DONE! !  ! and it is BEAUTIFUL!  It has been washed and is drying, it will be weighted, counted, priced and labeled. . .. and then out for sale.  Roxy gets first dibs . . .as she has a shawl already started in this yarn . . and then the rest will be sold either via email, etsy, artfire or the vendor booth.

As you can see, Bruiser was so stressed by this project:

Last week, I had on my to do list . . .finishing warping the rug loom . .. that is where I am headed next. .. .here is a picture of the progress.

I hope where ever you are and whatever you are doing, you are having a wonderful weekend.  I've extended my weekend by a day . . so still have two days left after today. . . hopefully, posting a finished table runner by the end of Monday.

Happy Weaving!

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