Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day at Winding Creek

Check out the following picture and . . .. .guess what it is . .. . yes, looks like some groceries and old bread . ..

This is the wonderful bounty that Santa left for our furry and feathered critters!  They are all well behaved, if you forget about all the getting out of the fencing, geting into stuff that is not theirs, etc, they were all good kids this past year.

Carrots for the llamas, alpacas and bunnies, cubed bread for the chickens, Vanilla wafers for the sheep, a bone for Hoover and furry mice for the cats!  Everyone enjoyed their treats.

It's a quiet holiday today, Jeff is under the weather and snuggled on the couch with various "medicine kitties" as they change shifts as to whose turn it is to snuggle with him.  They are very attentive when either of us are not feeling well.

Mom and I are are about the only ones well, we had a nice time attending Christmas Eve service last night and today will probably be a quiet dinner of ham and scalloped potatoes - we'll save our actual celebration and fun dinner for when Jeff is feeling better.  The Findlay crew is under the weather also, along with Jeff's Mom, so Christmas with family will be next weekend.  A quiet day of knitting, enjoying the critters and a nap are on tap for me today!

I am working on plans to update the blog - hoping to actually get to adding the "what is on the needles" and "what is on the loom" to the blog this year.  Along with some other website upgrades and more online sales.

I am participating in my first MKAL (Mystery Knit Along) starting December 27.  I have my yarn and needles ready to go to start a mystery shawl. .. . .yep, that's all I know right now. . .. .come on Dec. 27 - I am ready to start knitting . .. . LOL, I am always knitting. . .but this is a MYSTERY Shawl . .. should be fun.  I'll post updates of my progress.  The KAL takes about a month as we get a new clue every week starting this Thursday. 

Well. .. back to knitting or napping for me . .. . I'll decide when I get snuggled in my big chair with a cat, my kindle and my knitting.

Merry Christmas to all!