Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Great Sheep Adventure….x2

My friend Debbie and I took another trip down to Southern Ohio to pick up a new sheep and her munchkin to add to the family. Shadow (affectionately known as Trouble) really needed a friend and we decided to add to our family with a sheep and ram lamb that was close in age to Trouble. However, we’re not sure if we should have called the new lamb Double to indicate what we were getting ourselves into.

The trip, for the most part went without a hitch. It was an overcast and rainy trip but we made it there and back with no problems. The animals at the farm were out enjoying the day, which is obvious in the pictures below. The most interesting topic of the day was getting the new sheep out of the truck. We had devised all sorts of scenarios on the way home, as momma sheep wasn’t real thrilled with getting into the truck. Once home, we backed the truck partially into the pasture, haltered the sheep, bear hugged the baby and herded them into the pasture…..okay, there was a few interesting moments in between the truck and the pasture….but the end of the story is they got into the pasture…: )

Looking up towards the house from the road. She has beautiful pastures. When we were here a few months back, everything was blanketed in snow and you could see the paths of the animals.

One of the many farm animals.

The chickens are adorable. Beautiful black and white colored as well as the rainbow assortment seen at farms.
She has the most beautiful Great Pyrenees dogs.
The house used to be an Inn for travelers.

Getting ready to head home.

The new additions.

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