Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Farm Population Increase

The internet group - Free Cycle - really is a great place to find things and give things away.  I received an email from a friend that someone had some Angora rabbits to give away. . .. .so . .. .. being a fiber-a-holic - I responded to the email.  .. and made plans to meet the bunnies that were looking for a new home.

I went with the intention of only bringing home two bunnies. .. so the fact that I brought home "just" three is quite an accomplishment for me!  The little boy, who is the extra, is just so cute . .. I could not leave him behind.  The bunnies come from a very good home and I am sure they were perfectly happy - but that farm needed a herd reduction. . .so our herd increased. ... is that what you call a bunch of bunnies??? I don't know. .. geese are a flock, sheep are a flock, llamas and alpacas travel as a herd. . .what is a group of bunnies. .. . Happy at our house - for sure. .. not positive of what they would be called.  Rambling now, so I am just tired. .. here's the fun part  - the pictures of Elizabeth (gray), Nigel (bottom) and Llillie (right).

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