Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is here!

Could I be lucky enough that the spring mud has been here and gone???? Probably not.  There are, however, many other happy spring reminders around the farm.  The crocus has bloomed, the daffodils are sprouting, kittens are popping out and the sheep are about ready to lamb.  I was just down at the barn and my suspicions that Elizabeth will lamb first, I believe to be true.  Now, being used to llamas having crias. .. .llamas have very small "milkers" . . .while I was doing chores I happen to notice a little pink under Elizabeth. . .. nothing little about it .. . she's got a bag full of milk and a huge udder. .. .  . .Bethany is a bit behind on her development so I think Elizabeth with lamb in the next few days followed about a week later by Bethany.  We will make their pen smaller today so they are easier to manage and keep tabs on.   Stay tuned for pictures.

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