Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gotta Love those Critters!

Last evening really reminded me of why we have all these crazy critters!  After a long winter of hiking through snow to get to the barn and going out in all kinds of weather because they need care, it was wonderful to have a great evening with everyone.

To begin with, I was able to come home from work at a regular time - that started my evening off right.  So, I headed out to put a couple of dye pots on in the fiber shed.  While I was waiting for them to heat up I began my evening by herding some chicken escapees back into the chicken yard.  They escaped their fencing and needed to be herded out of the barn rafters and the llama pasture.  Some torn up bread does wonders!  As they walk through the gate back into their pasture, they kind of look at you like . . . that was really mean to "shut" us out of the pasture.

Then I headed into the girls stall to clean.  The girls were very polite and stood in my way and made me walk around them to clean.  They sort of treat you like a maid!  Then the cook, because they really just wanted me to hurry so I could get them dinner.

Then the dye pots were ready, so I put in some dye and some wool and turned down the heat on the pots and headed out to the boys stall.  The boys stall is much easier clean since there are only four of them.  The big guy - Montgomery- laid out in his pasture and supervised me.  Gave me a look everytime I came out of the barn as if to say . .. about time you showed up to clean!  He was very relaxed and comfy as I entertained him and that gives a good feel to everyone outside - just relaxed and happy!

Then it was time to feed everyone.  Jeff and Hoover were walking in the yard and the sheep get all revved up when the dog is out.  The wethers were doing their "popcorn" dance.  Running, jumping and hopping all around their pasture and up and down their hill.  It really is quite a stress reliever to watch those silly sheep play.  I can only imagine how entertaining the lambs will be when they arrive next month!

The ewes were actually contemplating letting me pet them.  Bethany got quite close and was studying my every move without running the other way, so I think we are making progress.

The dye pots - yes I did remember to turn off the heat. . and they are still sitting in the fiber shed.  I will pour off the water tonight and send the wool for a spin in the washer and then lay it out to dry!

All in all, it was a great relaxing evening and I accomplished a lot.

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