Saturday, April 10, 2010

Awesome Spring Day!

When you take time to enjoy the little things around you, it is quite suprising what you see!  I will attach some great pictures from today, but let's see why I think it's an AWESOME Spring Day. 

I started the day on the computer at about 6am, couldn't sleep so got up to catch up.  I spent about an hour downloading really cool, FREE knitting patterns from Knitting Daily.  Then I rinsed some yarn that I dyed last night - black and pink.  Natural black sheep, llama or alpaca is hard to come by so I decided to just dye some wool black.  It is not as dark as natural, but it will work for the project I have in mind.

After doing chores, I did a wee bit of cleaning . .. everyone knows how well I like to clean :)  then I started felting some items.  Most of the items are mine, for the vendor booth, but a few of the purses are Lorie's.
The Sun is out and bright, but the air temperature is not too hot, so it is perfect.  I really don't like it when it gets too hot and sticky.  So, I wandered around the back yard and took some random pictures, enjoy.

The wethers:

Elizabeth and Mr. Ram Lamb:

The Chickens enjoying the back yard and one in the barn hidden behind a tub in a favorite egg laying spot:

Since I can't leave anyone out. .. here are the girls relaxing and Buster Brown Sun Bathing

Okay,  ONE more . .. how could I leave out Hoover???? Sleeping in the sun on this wonderfully, sunny day!
I hope you are able to enjoy the spring days like we are!  Off to unload dirt. . .Jeff's just arrived home with a load of dirt for the garden :)

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Thea said...

You have such a lovely looking farm! I'm very jealous.