Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring is Coming !

Well, if you look outside, it does not look like spring!  Although, I love the snow it is time to start thinking about the garden.  Jeff and I have begun to make our plans.  We will add more raised beds for the tomatoes. . .. last year the plants were huge and we were not able to harvest many of the tomatoes, because we could not get to them.  Jeff will build beds that are narrower and plant one row of plants rather than two.  We'll see how that works.

We have made our prelimary list of seeds to order/buy.  Way too many choices and we need to delete some from the list.  We are trying some new veggies this year . . eggplant (by request), some multi-color hot peppers and some purple carrots and some flowers for cutting.  The harvest should be quite pretty!

Headed to the Fort Wayne Home and Garden show later today - should be fun!

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Debbie said...

More grape tomatoes too, please...: )