Sunday, February 21, 2010

Retreat Review

OMG!  The retreat was AWESOME.  Of course, I am exhausted . .. .but we had a blast!  So many fun fiber and llama girls!  We spun, knit, wove, joked, learned, laughed. . .ate really well. . . What a great time. 

We had two guests that are very, very new to fiber, hopefully, we did not scare them off.  Fiber artists are a wonderful, diverse, crazy group . . .add on that most of use are lama owners. . .. the fun just goes on and on.

I will update with some pictures as soon as some of the girls email me.  I, of course, did not take my camera.  Even if I had taken it. .. I was to busy to even think of it.

The dyeing classes were the most popular and I think the Dip Dye had the best results. . just amazing what your ball of yarn turns out like after you re-skein it!

More updates later, now I am off to bed. . . .. .

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