Monday, February 15, 2010

Retreat Update

Since today happens to be President's day, as a banker . .. I have the day off (from banking).  I have spent my day getting ready for next weekend's fiber retreat.  I have poured candy, written instructions and notes for next weekend's classes, beaded several spinning hooks, made a grocery list and gathered lots of stuff.

I will be posting the spinning hooks for sale on my etsy site after the retreat.  The candy that I poured will be for sale at the retreat.

Joy and I will set up for the retreat on Wednesday night since I have a Relay for Life meeting on Thursday and Friday is just too late to get it all done.  We'll finish setting up on Friday night, but most will be done on Wednesday.

We have goodie bags to finish putting together and just a bunch of supplies and groceries to haul into Joy's.  It will be a fun, relaxing weekend.

Check out our page on the blog home page if you are interested in details.

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Debbie said...

Love the spinning hooks!!!