Thursday, August 23, 2012

Studio Update

The studio, that we started last winter, was put on hold when summer arrived so early.  I have gotten back to setting up the studio and made really great progress while on vacation a few days last week.  The studio will have 5 looms and the triangle loom - three looms are in there, one is at my friends house and one needs to move from upstairs to downstairs.

The studio is at the point that I can actually get back to weaving!  My first project will be some "funky scarves" on the rigid heddle and some Ohio State and Michigan coasters on the rug loom.

Here are some pictures. . . .of the studio in progress. .. . mind you, I can't have the flooring until the wall is done. . .because this is a "no cat zone" . .. . so, the floor is still just cement and the walls are not painted yet, but it is useable.

Soon, the couch will move from Mom's basement to ours and the sitting area will be complete. . .then once it gets cold outside, we should go back to working on the wall.

The Cambridge Rug loom

My Desk on the left, a cabinet from the lake and some yarn storage

The sitting area, waiting for the couch.  Chair covered with "stuff" to keep the cats off!

Basket storage in the studio

Another view of the sitting area

Recently acquired loom, need to finish assembling.

The rigid heddle is in the sitting area and the 36" 4H Le Clerc will be in the middle of the room facing the door.

Each loom will be equipped with some sort of table next to it for tools, a small trash can, a pair of scissors and a bench. 

The studio will be an awesome area for me to work and also to teach classes or just have fiber friends come to visit!

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Unknown said...

I'm jealous -- this looks like it's going to be great!! May I place an order for some U of M coasters? (only, of course, if they are woven on a separate loom from the "Ohio" ones haha.)