Sunday, August 19, 2012

Soap Making Class

What a wonderful few vacation days I have had. . . .. Soap making, studio cleaning, knitting, reading . . .and cleaning fleeces.

Last Wednesday I drove up to Allegan, MI to the MI Fiber Festival and took two classes on making soap.  While they are not perfect, I learned how to use lye to make soap . . and it was very easy.  The key is to be very careful with the lye solution and the raw soap.  Here are some pictures:

The lighter soap is a Goat's milk soap with poppy seeds for scrubbing and a fresh Raspberry scent.  The darker soaps were my first try of the basic soap, they have a bit of ground oatmeal for texture and a scent of Patchuli.

My plan, of course I always have a plan . .. .is to perfect this soap making and put the products in local stores.  Feel free to give me scent/color choices that you would like to see.

Next post, I'll share the studio pictures. . it is coming along.

Of course, I had to shop a bit while I was at Allegan - lucky for me the vendors were not set up yet. .. but I spent enough without the vendors. . .. .

Yup, I NEEDED another hoody AND another TOTE bag - LOL! ! !

Happy fibery days!

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