Monday, April 2, 2012

Wonderful Weekend on the Farm

Lots going on lately on the farm. .. . unfortunately, no pictures. .. .. but here's a recap:

The HUGE, and I mean HUGE composting pile of manure taking up residence in the girl's pasture has been moved.  Not sure how long it has been piling up - just too wet to get the tractor in or too much else to do. .. anyway.. . . it is gone. .. . 5 hours, 28 tractor bucket loads . . and the girls hanging over the fence blocking them in the barn . .. . sad eyes wanting to come out and play ... .it is gone.  Looks like Black Gold out on the pile out back. . . need some good garden dirt?  Bring a bucket trailer or truck . .. .we'll load it up for you!

Silly me, after mowing at mom's. .. . .I started mowing our back yard. . . with the self propelled mower.. . .got 3/4 done .. .and re-mowed the part we cleared a couple weeks ago! Yeah!

Got my Oaklet shawl ripped back to where I think I made the mistake. . . it still does not seem right, so it has been handed off the the "expert" Lorie to figure out.  I hope to get it done before the end of April.

My HitchHiker shawl is coming along - that I can post a picture of. .... later this week.  It's a fun, fairly mindless 8 row repeat.

Jeff finally bought nails for the weaving studio wall. .. .hoping to put up the rest of the studs this week.

Oh yea, and the Rams were fixed two weeks ago and seem to be doing good ,.. . Dick is behaving and now Junior is the one ramming the barn wall . .. . Jeff is researching the price of a cattle prod ... . maybe I can retrain them since their testosterone factories have been shut down. .. ..wish me luck. .. .

Until next time . . .. Happy Knitting, weaving, spinning, reading . . what's makes ya happy!


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