Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TWINS ! ! ! ! ! !

We have two new additions to the farm. . .. .. Elizabeth blessed us with a ram lamb and a ewe lamb early today.  Elizabeth is a wonderful mother and she will take good care of the lambs.

Jeff glanced outside this morning to see the alpacas staring intently into the ewe pasture, the wethers staring in and the llama girls straining at their fence to see what was happening two pastures over.  When he went down to the barn, he found two lambs up and walking!

I went down to the barn as soon as I got home and one of the lambs was in the llama stall . ..so I did some lamb proofing and they should stay contained.  I say should because. . .. sheep are as mischevious as llamas. . always into something!

Here are some pictures:
Elizabeth and the lambs, one is hiding behind momma.

The Ram Lamb

The Ewe Lamb

We are taking ideas for names. .. . . .so send me some suggestions.

Other than lambs being born, it is BUNNY week here - cleaning up bunnies, cages and their area.

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