Sunday, April 15, 2012

Twin Update!

Hard to believe the twins are just 5 days old - they run around and play like crazy, then plop down for a nap.  Their names are Lilly and Peter.  "Knock on wood" there have not been any more escapes . . .Peter decided on day two, to visit the alpacas . .. Jeff happen to stop home so he noticed and helped Peter get back in the right pasture.

Here are some pictures from today . .. .. . around the farm. . .

Elizabeth and Peter
Lilly and Peter


Annie, and if you look real closely, Llizzie

Montgomery watching Jeff get the tractor out.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures, time for me to go out and feed everyone so they can settle down for the night.  Next blog. . .. . .winter shawl project update. . . .

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Anonymous said...

Love these pics,Tina!