Monday, February 20, 2012

Studio update, day two

I realize my studio updates will not be this close together as we do the actual building. .. .but I spent the afternoon cutting out small pieces of furniture, shelves and looms and putting them to scale on a piece of paper. .here is the first design.

There are four looms in the studio, an "L" shaped desk, 8 sets of shelves, a cool cherry bookcase thing, some regular book cases, a sitting area in the top left with a couch, lazy boy chair and another chair.  Behind the rug loom in the top right corner is a sink base cabinet and it will have cabinets above it. .. .the BEST part about all this is . .. . WE ALREADY HAVE ALL THE FURNITURE . . .very little to be purchased.

I draped plastic around the basement, in the working area so the sawdust will not be too bad on everything.  One good thing, most everything in the basement is already in plastic tubs and bags to keep moths out.

The white cabinet with the laundry basket on top is a fun cabinet that was in my bedroom at the lake - it is painted white with the drawers and door painted red, to coordinate with the lovely paneling Dad put in my room!  It will be fun to have that in the studio . . .although . .it's not on the map . ..  .well, I did not claim the map was the final version.

You can see in this picture, the lumber we took down the stairs yesterday, to begin the studs for the wall.  Jeff has to get a few more things like nails, etc . . .and then hopefully, he will start.

I'll post more pictures once the wall starts going up.  For now, I need to get a bit more painting drop cloth to cover some shelves and we need to move the big rug loom over and drape it with plastic so it is not covered with sawdust or in the way.

Until next time .. . happy weaving, spinning, knitting. .. whatever makes ya happy!

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