Sunday, February 12, 2012

Knitter's Retreat at Sauder Village

Friday and Saturday, of this past week, I was honored to be a vendor at the Sauder Village knitter's retreat!  Wow, could those women marathon knit!  If you know me and think I knit a lot, these women were knitting until 2 am! AND back up and at it Saturday morning.

There were five or six classes they could choose from, the rest of time time was knitting with friends and eating.  The food was great.

On Friday afternoon, Joy joined me for an afternoon of spinning while I was knitting and waiting on customers.  The "hot ticket item" of the retreat were the stitch markers that Cora, Debbie and I "slaved over" while enjoying the beach at Marco Island and the row counters that I had to go to the store and buy more supplies to make more on Friday night for Saturday. 

Here are some pictures of our vendor booth:
The Yarn Wall

Patterns & Needles

Bounty of Stitch Markers

Despite the snow and slick roads, it was a fun, relaxing, productive weekend.  I saw lots of knitted items during the fashion show, that I'll "have to" make and found some really fun patterns to look for. 

Many of the ladies attending will be stopping by the Market Day fiber show in Bowling Green on March 24, so I'll see them again soon.

This afternoon, we are to begin building the wall for the weaving/fiber arts studio in the basement - yeah!  For now, for me, it's time to bundle up and go out in the cold to feed our fiber producers who make it possible for me to go to fun events like the Knitter's retreat!

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