Sunday, February 19, 2012

Studio Beginning!

After a fun day at Shipshewana yesterday with some friends, it's time to start on the studio.  We found lots of possibilities to decorate some of the studio for inspiration while we were shopping.  Lots of whimsy and bright colors, mind you NOT neon :)

So, I began moving items around in the basement to accomodate the materials and make room for working.  Here are some before pictures:

The rug loom.


The left side of the studio

The right side of the studio

Jeff has gone in to pick up all the wood, so we'll be busy bringing all the wood down the basement when he returns. 

The exciting thing is . . .we are beginning!  Oh yea, the french door has arrived, but we are looking for someone to do the finishing of the door for us . .. to save us time.   Jeff will check on that tomorrow. .. .you know, contractors have friends who are contractors. . .. he should be able to get a sweet deal on the finishing!

Tune in late for more . .. ...

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