Monday, June 20, 2011

Little Chicken Littles!

I've always called our chickens by the nickname "Chicken Little" . .. .so when we got some new chicks. . .. they needed a name. . so until they grow up . . .or maybe forever, their nickname is "little chicken littles".  The new chicks started out in the chicken coop in a big water tub . . just like you see at the farm store.    that lasted quite a while. .. when it was time for them to move to a bigger space. .. my original plan did not work. . so I moved them to the "old chicken coop"  aka  "bunny barn"  aka my soon to be fiber dyeing shed. .. . anyway. . .this past week they began coming out into a little pasture to start exploring the great outdoors. 

It did not take long for them to figure out how to jump the fence and wander around the back yard.  So, now their gate is open and they are beginning to mingle with the big "chicken littles". .. this should introduce them and then plan will be for the little chicken littles to migrate to the big chicken littles chicken coop and all live together. .. . this will make chores easier. .  .nature will take it's course and they will slowly move to the big coop!

The new chicks are Barred Rocks (black w/white speckles) and a couple aracanas - the "easter egg" chickens - they lay eggs with green, pink or blue shells. .. the colored eggs are really pretty!

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