Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Holiday Weekend on the Farm

It's time to get the farm ready for the Holiday weekend.  The farm gets lots of visitors during a holiday weekend - usually during nice weather.  Typically, it's friends and family coming to visit.

This July 4th weekend is to be very hot - so I'll spend tomorrow and part of Friday making sure everyone is ready for the vistors and heat.

Tonight is "bunny cage maintenance" night - all the bunnies will come out of their cages, their cages will be scrubbed and put back together.  Then the bunny barn area of the barn will have to be cleaned - similar to cleaning a llama stall.  The bunnies will be extremely happy when it is done.

Tomorrow will be a bucket washing, topping off all the various food containers and a little bit of barn clean up.  Then over to mom's to finish my mowing and take the weed eater in to be fixed.

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