Saturday, February 2, 2013

Studio Update!

Now that winter seems to have set in, it's going to be a high of 20 today, it is time to get back to working on the studio.  If you remember, spring came very early in 2012 and we abandoned the studio to work outside. . .. well, now we are back inside.

The wall still needs to be finished to separate the studio from the rest of the basement, it is started, but Jeff is very busy at work so it will have to be "fit in" as he can do it.  So, I've decided to keep working on the bits and pieces that I can get done . .. and magically, all will be in place just waiting for the wall . .. . LOL!  We'll see how this works out.

Here is a picture of the cubby holes - aka - shelves I painted this past weekend.

I spent a lot of time staining the cabinets for the studio.  Nothing like shopping in your own basement, this is a set of base cabinets and three top cabinets that have been in the basement "kind of" being used that I have moved into the studio.

Nope, didn't even take the contents out! LOL!  That was too much work and might slow down my progress.

Next update soon, I am planning to get the things put back together and clear out all the "non studio" stuff so I can begin using it.

Probably a shopping trip to Mom's basement to get my TV and a couple lights.

Stay warm!

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