Sunday, February 3, 2013

Studio Update Two!

Another studio update so quickly???  Well, some technical difficulties were the problem.  The pictures on yesterday's post were actually from two weeks ago. . .. here are last week's studio updates.  This weekend I am spending dyeing yarn.

The cubby holes in place:

Below are the finished cabinets - Jeff just needs to mount the wall cabinets.

We have some new fun lights - two are for the track lighting above the desk - and one is just a fun floor lamp that just so happens to match the flowers I bought for the studio way back when the idea came to life.

The track lighting - just need to find a couple more to go with these two.

What are the chances that these lights match the flowers. .. just have to pick up an orange flower.

Studio tour:

Looking left as you come in the door.  The big rug loom, the 4H LeClerc kind of hidden.

Back right corner, rug loom in center, desk and lake cabinet on the right.

The right corner as you come in - the sitting area.  Need to add some lamps, the TV and a  some tunes.

Well, I think that is the update for now. . .. back to yarn dyeing.  I have 30 batches of yarn to dye and package to be ready for the knitters retreat this coming Friday at Sauder Inn.

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