Sunday, July 10, 2011

On the Loom. . .. .

After a long day of house cleaning yesterday ... I decided to sit down at the rigid heddle loom and weave off the item that has been on in it for longer than I care to determine!  It started as a demo project at McFarland's Llama Farm Fall Festival . .. .a couple years ago. . it was a cotton warp with a handspun llama weft. .. something easy.  It was to be fabric for purses. .. . well.. . needless to say, since it's been on the loom for so long, it held very little interest for me.

So, I decided that rather than waste the warp. .. I would cut some warp threads from one side, make the piece a bit narrower, change to weavng with navy cotton rather than llama . . .and make it a table runner. .. I started weaving late last night . .and had 15" done by the time I went to bed.  (That's probably longer than the llama part that I did originally). 

Here is a picture of the table runner in progress:

I will post finished pictures as soon as it is off the loom and the fringe is twisted.

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