Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The ewe lambs are doing very well, along with their momma, Elizabeth.  We seem to have gotten Elizabeth through her plugged teat problem and the lambs are using both sides to nurse - what a relief - for us AND Elizabeth.

The little ewe lambs are scampering around the pasture and climbing on eveything - including climbing right in the hay bucket to eat.  Yes, they are eating hay at one week old - not the main staple of their diet - but a good sign.

What?  I like to be comfy when I eat!

We know there is grain in this bag!
Gabby is ready to have her lamb, we are hoping for just one from her.  She is not stressed and is still eating well, so we are not concerned.  Hopefully, sometime this week she will lamb.

Gabby Girl

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