Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rug Weaving Class

Diane and I went to a rug weaving class yesterday in Battle Creek, MI.  The instructor is my friend Kathy Berlincourt - from the Warped Weaver Studio.  This was our second adventure weaving with Kathy.  Last year Diane and I wove some selvedge rugs which came out wonderfully.  This year we wove with rags.  Diane wove a tradition hit and miss rag rug.  The warp was multicolored and the look really changed based on what color weft she used.  I tackled a log cabin weave.  With the log cabin weave, you can alternate weft passes and make it appear as if you have blocks or checkerboard looking areas.  It was quite fun and sorta messes with your balance when you look too closely.  Here are a couple picture of my rug:

This close up really shows the detail.  It is actually woven in a plain weave but the placement of color in the warp make all the difference.  There is a solid stripe down each side.
I am putting the weaving aside for a few days - I need to get some yarn packaged and priced and I need to get my samples braided and my class notes ready to teach a Kumihimo braiding class on Tuesday.

Have a great week!

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