Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Where does it go?????

Time!  Where does it go??? It just disappears so quickly I wonder how I used it.  My last post was August 9 . .. well certainly, many things have happened around the farm since then. .. . like. .. the turkeys are no longer in the backyard. . .they are in the freezer!  That should be quite interesting. . .we're going to try one of the turkey's at a family gathering Nov. 6

The ducks. .. they have also moved on . .. .right on over to LaOtto Indiana. . . .they seem to have adjusted well and are living with Matt and Jamie.

We have attended two HUGE fiber shows since my last post.  Diane traveled to Yellow Springs with me in September.  It was a great show as always - sales were down a bit - but still worth the trip and we had a great time going to dinner with the Fiber and Firearms Society girls!

This past weekend, I attended the Fiber Expo show in Ann Arbor - again a great show - but sales were down - still worthwhile - but I am wondering if this is a trend.  We sold mostly finished items at a fiber show . . not so many rovings. .. . I find that odd.

We are planning a Fall Farm Fair at Diane and Terry Perkin's Farm on Nov. 13 - I will post details in a separate post.

Well, looks like I am back on track posting and will try to not let time slip away and keep on posting.  Look for a new "On the Needles" section later this fall - so you can keep up with what I am knitting.

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Debbie said...

Don't invite me when you have the turkeys.....: )