Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free weekend!

This weekend was my first weekend this fall that I had no shows and I was planning to work on getting the llama barn ready for fall.  I spent some time a couple weeks ago working on the cobwebs and cleaning.   Just as I was about to head to the barn yesterday. .. the phone rang. . .it was mom . .. no suprise . . but what she had to tell me was a surprise. ..she woke to find the tree trimmers, she had hired, in the back yard working - w/o notice.  We were expecting them on Wednesday . . needless to say, this changed everyone's plans for the weekend. 

We spent most of yesterday working at mom's - but I did come home mid afternoon to get started on "barn stuff" . . .and Jeff is back at Mom's today . . .to cut firewood and I am headed out to the barn to take down all the light fixtures (12 of them) so I can run the globes through the dishwasher and replace the burnt out lights - about 50% are out . .. so the llamas are gonna need sunglasses when I replace them all.

Off to the barn for me . ... some cleaning and hauling. . .with a mid-day break . . .to head over to Mom's to sample the chili she put on the the tree trimmers.

Make sure to check our Fall Farm Fair link on the left ..that is our next big adventure and it is right around the corner.

Happy Fall!

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