Sunday, May 22, 2011

Relaxing, Productive weekend

Seems like a funny title . . .relaxing AND productive. . .. .something just seems to not fit. . but . . my weekend was quite relaxing and very productive.  I started wayyyy too early on Saturday morning - spun some of the gray llama/angora blend - then headed outside to clean part of the llama barn.  The chickens have made a complete disaster.  It was hard work, but I got it done.  Got the tractor stuck atleast three times!

Hay was delivered to make the llamas happy!  Then I headed off to the mill to pick up my processed wool and then to the lake to check on the cottage.  All was well at the cottage.  Then home for a night of spinning and nascar. ..well, I could have done w/o the nascar - but it was on the tv.

Then Sunday, I dyed a bunch of alpaca yarn, helped Jeff split wood and read a book.  Great book - The Choice by Nicholas Sparks - will have to look for some more books by this author.

Here are some yarn pics from my productive day . . the rest of the yarn is still baking. :)

Bright, solids :)

Ready to Rinse

Dry, ready for sale

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