Friday, July 16, 2010

Sad, Sad Day on the farm

The heat the last couple of weeks have been extremely challenging.  The llamas that have not been shorn are holding up really well and seek the fans and hosing off to keep cool.  The sheep seemed to be doing fine, but the other night Talker seemed to be not quite right.  With quick research I found that he was bloated which can be induced by heat.  Unfortunately, we lost Talker this morning.  Talker was one of our original wethers and he was very sociable and met us at the gate at feeding time to "test" the hay each night.  He was a very sweet little boy and we will miss him.  The other sheep are grieving and paying their final respects to him this afternoon under the shade trees in the pasture.  Tonight, Talker will join the "Winding Creek" cemetery and be buried next to Bethany and her unborn lambs, the ewe we lost earlier in the year.  Losing animals does not get any easier as time goes by and at times like this I wonder why we have them.  But, within a few days someone out in the pasture will make my day with some funny antic or some gentle gesture and I will be reminded why we love them so much and keep them. 

We will miss your friendly, kind nature.

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